Friday, 11 April 2014

Gilding Flakes tips

I was asked to repost my tips on Gilding Flakes on their own, so here ye go.  Added some more as well, well I am Blond through and through lol and often remember things after I post :)

  • TIP:
    When applying the gilding flakes cover your hands with talcum powder or cornflour (cornstarch) stops the flakes from adhering to your fingers
    (and they can surely stick like nothing I have seen before lol
  • Water is the usual method to clean off the glue from stamps, stencils, work station lol, for stubborn spots especially on stencils/masks I use surgical spirit (rubbing alcohol).  If using on your stamps give them a wee coat of glycerin as the surgical spirit will dry them out and can crack them over time, I dont have any problems if I use a wee drop of glycerin on a baby wipe and apply to stamps. 
  • After using the stamp I immediately spritz it with water until I can get into it.  I also use cheap toothbrush to give it a good clean after I have finished with it.
  • Indigo blu use a ‘scootchy’ small black soft scrubbie or in my case I loose the little blighter and use a non scratch scourer for my kitchen dishes/pots to get the excess off
  • Don’t scrub too hard you will remove the flakes
  • I use an A4 plastic top  with an edge for applying and catching the flakes (they are extremely feather light – er no fans/air con or you will have a decorated desk, walls, person – hmm ask me how I know this rofl.    I Don't put them back in the pot with the new stuff as it is grittier and finer.  I have a wee container that I put them in and it gives an interesting mix for another time.
  • I should have said this first, when you take flakes out they don’t go back into the pot (trust me on that one lol) the air has got to them so I put half of the flakes into a plastic take out container
  • You dont have to use the flitterglu you can use double sided sticky tape for decoration or double sided sheets punch out and apply the flakes to the cutout
  • When not using the cut and dry foam (IndigoBlu call it Phat foam) I place the glue side onto a wet baby wipe and seal it in a plastic bag, remove as much air as you can.  I found one down the back of my desk, been there for a while, and when I tried to peel them apart they came away no problem and can use the foam for another attempt.
  • I often use the flakes and mica powder on an image – randomly place a small amount of flakes on an area and press down with finger, remaining area dust with mica powder.  With a brush swirl over both, and then use the scootchy to finish off the flakes section.
  • Its also pH neutral so safe for scrapbooking
  • The flitterglu is  water soluble and can be used on any of your stamps
  • I also use it to edge my cards, use the cut and dry as if you would your inker and distress the edge and then apply the flakes
  • I have been informed for those with a cricut or something along those lines to cut out shapes using double sided sticky sheets   Have not tried this so cannot comment any further
  • I also have heard you can use it on fabric hmmmm need to play with that one
  • I use a battery operated art eraser which removes bits of flakes from areas that has over run or in an area you dont want and it removes it - use it gently otherwise the paper/card will be damaged
There are lots of utube videos on gilding flakes.
This is one which  succinctly shows you usage of them  FlitterGlu and Mega Flake demo by Kay at CHA


  1. Great tips Margaret Ann. I will keep them in mind when I get my order in. So excited to play with them. :)

    1. they are sooo cool Jani you will love them