Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Blondie again

oops forgot to show you, week past saturday went to a craft day and Lorraine, heaven help her, assisted us in making up this gorgeous basket and card to go with it.

Art classes

I have started art classes and at the end of my 5th week I have finished a watercolour.  For someone who was informed she didnt have a have a creative artistic atom in her and wasnt allowed art at school, well I have finished a watercolour.  Even my critical art teacher said it was good and I love it, so thats that lol.
I am soooooo chuffed to the knickers that I have done one.  I have now to do a watercolour still life and then an acrylic or oil painting aaaargh ah well survived this can survive more. 

would you believe that my iphone took a better photo than my camera!!!!!