Friday, 19 July 2013

Hoard, me! never lol

ok my canny Scots soul doesnt like to throw things away if they can be recylced, upcycled whatever cycled - ooh exercise - nope stick to creating lol.

Ok have lots of bits of card, papers etc - what to do, what to do hmmm then saw a video on making an itty bitty mini album, this works out at 2 1/4 by 3 1/2 inches as she used coin envelopes.

Didnt have the coin envies, these ones are not sold in UK (as far as I can tell lol) so had to make them hee he, of course, out of leftover card - see - no waste.

Need to give rightful due to the originator of the idea
she has two videos on her blog, you can also see them on utube but means trawling through the site, easuer to use blog.

Here is my take, gonna make lots of these as Christmas pressies hee hee.  Ok I know its only July but I need to get started lol.

 Front of mini, not embellished yet as I am making them out of paper clay and it has not dried yet, although in this heat that wont take long :)

 Front flap opened
 Folded tag insert for photos, journalling

 Inside of teensy weensy Mini Album

 Right hand of centre is a trifold

 Back of Mini

 Back flap opened

Back flap opened has a trifold tag insert

Side pockets have fold over tags
not sure to put paper on them or leave for journaling

Thinking perhaps a belly band or ribbon to close for a handbag, or make a wee open box for a couple of them to sit in on the desk, what do you think folks.

Ok paper clay has dried this is the new front,

 had to put gilders paste somewhere lol.