Sunday, 29 April 2012

Loadsa Glue

Whilst coughing and spluttering with horrid cold and wheezy chest made a lovely mini room divider (well thats what I call it anyway lol), Kathryn's brayer matched mine when it came to glueing lol.

I am not the greatest photographer so please forgive me.

Also made a tea box (sorry Kathryn not yours this one made out of cardstock), will be trying Kathryn's though for a tougher beating in my kitchen or perhaps my distress markers hmmmmm
oops rosette needs to be centred more.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Tartan Stampers Mini Convention

Hi there, have been sooo busy havent had the time to post.   Was at a three day crop with the Tartan Stampers and amongst things we did shoebox swops and scrapbook pages.  For those who dont know what a shoebox swop is we each bring a kit and a sample for people to follow and we go around and make these, we had 26 boxes, several classes of scrapbook pages, mini album, kusadama ball.  It was a ball.  So here is my version of the cards we made.

Sorry girls didnt put on the back whose shoebox it came from so cannot attribute them :(

 only did half a ball as I wanted it for a topper on a box

 this is done on a canvas, think I want butterflies next time

 friends together
 methinks more flowers and a pic is needed
love this as wall art instead of a scrappage

couple missing, when I find them will post them.