Saturday, 6 December 2014

Scrapadabadoo Express

The lovely ladies at when they send out your crafting goodies always places a hand crafted, hand written card inside your order.   So what to do with them, I had them originally in a wee holder.
Hmmmmm still not happy, put them in a box, hmmmmm still not happy.
  Lightbulb  Use them for a thankful/blessings/gratitude mini.  Yay.  Now need a place to keep them in, cause I have lots of them lol.  Used some of them in this mini so far.  So made a train (oopsy lost the wheels need to order more Carol lol)

scrapa train
The panels were made up of layers of Lindys Stamp Gang Sprays
Treasure Island Aqua
Antartica Maple Crimson
My Mojito Green
Rizzo’s Rowdy Red

O course trains have a name and this one is

The roof, Gilders Paste, naturally.
I also included a strip of chipboard covered with Bo Bunny Weekend Market paper and placed some heartfelt creation die flowers on the top.
PC060067 PC060068

End panels,PC060072
the lovely Carol whom I call the Crammer, she can stuff a box like no other.  She should be in the Guinness Book of Records lol

And the other side,
PC060071 Some of us call the store the Mother Ship cause we can always find the answer there, or be directed to the right answer.

Side Panel – Barrie
The delightful caring Barrie is the Bloodhound, she can sniff out stuff more than anyone else I know.  She can often find it when others say no chance, no way.  And she is an animal lover, cats, dogs, birds
       PC060066  PC060064       

Side Panel – Carol
The lovely fun, caring Carol looooves her coffee and her garden.

Of course had to put Scrapa’s logo on both sides

The Mini Album
I used Bo Bunny Weekend Market Paper to cover the mini.
Decided not to chop the cards up, baaaaaad idea.  Wanted to keep the lovely messages inside oooooh

  Lightbulb  sheesh these lightbulb moments hurt rofl. 
Make an insert
I placed a copy paper liner inside the cards, making sure the lovely notes inside from Carol and Barrie were not covered up, so I can read them as often as I want, but giving me space to write my thanks/blessings/gratitude.
I used magnets to close the cards and envelopes so they didn’t flap open (truth time – ran out of magnets so some are a bit flappy but that can be easily sorted)

I also used the envelopes as they are lovely in themselves so can make wee notes to go inside or memorabilia moments.

I used the black Tag Album and bookbinding rings to close as I want to add more pages as I go them.
This album is going to be all about my Mum, she is nearing the end of her life and I wanted to reflect on the good things she brought into my life – some I wanted, some I didn’t but I learned from.  So the front of the cover has a cutapart which I put onto chipboard (Gwen you have a lot to answer for with that lol) and it says Every Mile a Memory.  Also the card on the front stands out cause that is what my Mum was, she is a person much loved and stood out in a crowd.

I attached charms to the rings (A gingerbread man cause Christmas in our house was special, and a heart ,well of course, it had to go there.

PC060076 PC060077
 PC060078 PC060079

Now I have another  idea (Weeeeeeendy stop infecting me rofl)  Wendy’s response ‘sure blame me’ yay thats what friends are for.
Now need a caboose cause Barrie’s bargains and Garage Sale needs a place to go.