Friday, 23 November 2012

Happy thanksgiving

To all my friends and family I thank you for supporting, care and laughing with me.  Long may it continue.  Have a blessed year until next Thanksgiving

Saturday, 17 November 2012


Hi folks
where does the time go, my second lot of Dylusions inks have arrived and now have two Dylusions stamps sets to play with this weekend.  What happened to my first lot of inks you may well ask.  Decided to do a right through clear out, saw some empty boxes and thought out you go, well didnt I throw out the box that Scrapadabadoo had filled for me which included the inks.  So engrossed in chucking out I didnt check it carefully enough thought it was a cupcake machine which arrived broken, and they didnt want it back, nor was I going to send it back at the postage rate, it was only a fiver after all.  Soooooo talk abour a raging Taz when I found out, not only that the binmen had comed and taken all my bags away ooooh for once the bin men were on time hah would you credit it.  So I was given a little money towards my new inks and my darling mother wanted to watch me order it, to see the colous I would choose, she wanted to know what London Blue looked like and like Mother like daughter could not wait.   Why go to US (sorry Barrie and Carol) when you can get it here, hmmm nope could not convince her so UK delivery has just arrived.  Just as well I dont tell her about the amount I order from Barrie and Carol lol.  They are fabulous, go onto and have a look.  There prices are fab and not only that they have a fabulous business practice too.  Lovely lovely ladies.  Ok off to play ttfn.