Monday, 30 January 2012

Getting Organised

Got me a carousel for my tools to keep my desk tidy, well try and keep my desk tidy.  Now where did I put those markers hmmmm.  Anyway the carousel if fab, has little drawers and when I opened them five out of the six had goodies in them wayhay

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Gift box card

OK Lorraine you asked for it lol
Made a gift card box for some tea lights but will put a bag of sweets inside it instead.

 I am making my own flowers so I can match up with the colour scheme, practice makes perfect so they say lol.

On the left is an area where I will do a sentiment or message not sure yet which, the ribbon on the right over the box is holding the top and bottom openings closed.  Will put a bag of chocs in their for the person receiving it.

Stack the deck binding Mini Album

All hail Laura hee hee, I just adore this stack the deck binding it is soooooo user friendly and I need that.  Loooove love love this method it suits me to a tee.  So simple to make and can fit any size of album you want.

I made this a longer one as it contains cards I received as a swop in Aberdeen Training, those girls rock.

 the cover has cynthialoowho's meshy bling on side, it is gorgeous in real life, and also she did a utube of how to make the bling swirls without buying them ready made.  See if this link works to view it
now I can do my own designs with my own cabochons and save money for more goodies tee hee

 Kathryn of Life on the (scrap) beach wrapped some ribbon round her stack the deck and I thought hey it can cover any little mishaps :) and made a pin to stick into it for some colour

a couple of the cards in the mini

Beaded Mini Album

 So Lorraine has given me the push to put some of my stuff on my blog so here goes. 

 Cover is a butterfly sent by a lovely lady Zandra, with small roses and seam binding.  Oh I do love seam binding it is gorgeous to use.  The Spine is covered by a ruffled ribbon.

The pages are soooo simple to make and are kept apart by pony beads.  Have not embellished them yet but as the pony beads allow for a lot of space I will make a load of flowers to do this mini.

Tags are punch edged on one side for decoration.

I got a pressie

Woot woot I got a present from my lovely friend Lorraine, thank you so much Lorraine for talking the time to make this for me for convention in Nov to hold my swops.  Isn't it fab.

(remember I am not the greatest photographer around lol)

wow again, I adore it.  Thank you once again Lorraine.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Got me an award

Hey got me an award

The idea of the Liebster Blog Award is to spread the love from one small blog (under 200 followers) to other small blogs. This helps to spread knowledge and readership
Liebster” in German means “dearest”, so as part of the Liebster award tradition, I am going to pass this award to 5 blogs that I value, and that have both inspired and motivated me

Lorraine Harrison Rogers gave me this award. I got to know Lorraine more over a weekend away in Aberdeen she is a hoot with a great sense of dry humour which I loved. She is a very creative person and I love her ideas.

So the 5 people I will give to is:

Jen Lindsay - she is a great gal and doesnt mind me asking her daft questions. She is a very creative and organised person - I need to learn more from her about organisation since early retirement I seem to have lost it.

Steven Macari - well a Scots-Italian living in France needs something lol. Seriously Steven is a great crafter and now he is into cartonnage I am looking to him for some spiffing ideas!! And I love his thinking Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain… or more recently saying its Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely.... but to arrive sliding in sideways saying holy crap

The Gentleman Crafter whom I call Sir Jim - he is a fantastic creative person and gives freebies on his site, he deserves this award

Your Royal Froggy is an absolute scream and loves to craft, so to encourage her I give her this award, she does some great work but needs to be encouraged to believe it. She has me in knots with her comments and her work is lovely.

hmmm only 4 with under 200 will add another when I get one lol well will push the boat out a little
the other person is lilgreenbugville but she is  a wee bit over 200 followers so will give her the award for encouraging people and doing such fantastic freebies which are absolutely lovely, she is also a lovely lady.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Miniature Pinchers

Some of you asked to see pics of my Mum's two dogs aka the muppets so here they are
in the bed is Red (no pun intended lol) and the one standing is Geri with a plaintiff look on her face to saya he's in my bed.

Now their bed is next to a radiator cause these dogs love heat, but geri had a habit of pulling the inside of the bed out and dragging it to the fire (it is hilarious to watch as every few seconds she looks around to see if anyone is watching [three humans and she doesnt clock we are watching] it is soooo funny.

both dogs love a cuddle but red tends to lie on your chest and stick his nose under your armpit - go figure with dogs lol, madam here is trying to get up onto mum's lap and also wants cuddles, could you refuse that face!!
Red is already on mum's lap but Geri wants up too.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Now usually at Christmas I put on weight, now whats the miracle about that you say, well you see
I didnt gain this year I lost yes LOST 3.5lbs whoo hoo.

Now all I have to do is figure out how I did that hmmmmmm dinnae ken folks ah weel just have to keep on ta ta for now.