Saturday, 23 February 2013

My 2nd Class teaching crafts

Wow the ladies in the group were fantastic.  Aaaaaand they loved the projects.  Here they are

Origami star box with lid
Masked off Card

Box took longer than I thought so only managed one card for this class but the ladies were fine with that.

Enjoying myself, also gives me a challenge to get off my blessed assurance and do something.

Monday, 11 February 2013

bright idea er dont think so

oh boy, decided to reorganise my craft room!!!!!!!!
ok what idiot suggested that one - oh wait - that was me doh -looks like it is going to take all week to sort it - one of these days I will think - leave it be lol.  Ok heading off to the crafting dimension - see you some time this year, hi ho hi ho is off to hmmmmmmm better not said lol.  Ok who hid the chocolate, need sustenance.

Saturday, 9 February 2013


Good grief, what happened to the time.  My Mother said that the older you get the faster time goes, hmmmm I think the older you get the more you have to do so you stop thinking about the time until you look up and go aaaaaargh ll.

Anyway have been beavering in the background.  Started teaching some classes in Hobbycraft store (free table and can teach and use what I like, no restrictions yippee).  My first class was today and started with simple enough as I did not know what the ladies levels were like.

So here are the piccies, they seem to have enjoyed it one even went to say it went spiffingly lol.

Triple Matting and Layering

this one I  gave them for homework after they did the male version :)

A box with flap lid, with rolled roses, and of course, drum roll please - GILDERS PASTE
those of you that know me are aware I am deeply loving the gilders paste.

Of course had to do a wee something for photos so did an origami wallet with belly band