Sunday, 10 May 2015

Birds and Blooms

Hi lovely people,

haven't posted in ages, still crafting but not enough to put on my blog.  Trying to sort out 30 years worth of accumulation.  Its not easy, too many memories stop me, but I do craft along.

I had the Heartfelt Creations Birds and Blooms 12 x 12 paperpad and challenged myself can I make a mini album only using the paperpad.  Yay I did, here is how it looks.

A lovely lady on the Heartfelt Creations  FB did a video of making an envelope out of a 12 x 12 paper, she folded over both points to make an open side and a closed side.  Lightbulb time what if ....

So I folded the initial envelope as per her instructions but did not close over, I left the points on each side so I could have a top pocket, put 4 together to make a wee mini album.  Easy to make especially with the Heartfelt Creations paperpad.

Here are some of the envelopes and their tags.


front cover 


Fussy cut the flowers, cut a couple of sections to add to the front.  Gloss Medium over it all, thought I had picked up the matt medium to attach the flowers but hey didnt so had to cover the lot so the overspill was hidden lol.


front cover inside


Paper from the pad and a cut apart on the right hand side.  Didn't want to add too much as the paper was lovely.



took 12 x 12 folded, and some cut aparts to hold the flaps down with brads.

01a 01b 03a   6 7



top tag

i used the front cover of the paperpad to give a lovely tag.  Waste not my Mum always said.



inside tags 1 inside tags 2 inside tags 3



Had great fun doing this and it was a nice easy and quick mini.

Friday, 9 January 2015

New Year hopefully new organisation

I came across some doubles of craft items in my stash, not good cause the pennies could have bought something else lol.  So decided I need to take inventory.  I also made it sort of handbag size, well I have a large handbag lol.
So I can take it when I crafty shop.

I decided to make my own so for the first time I used Coptic Stitch to bind signatures together.

Oh boy have started and I think it will take a loooot longer than I thought.

So off on another project, ran out of the backing papers for the G45 Time to Flourish so tapping foot until it arrives sheesh I should have realised the 6x6 is limited so next time get two, well for this I wanted no needed more lol.  Will post when I have it finished.

So off to fill my Inventory Book toodles for now.
Wish me luck folks I am diving into my craft room!!!!!!!