Friday, 9 January 2015

New Year hopefully new organisation

I came across some doubles of craft items in my stash, not good cause the pennies could have bought something else lol.  So decided I need to take inventory.  I also made it sort of handbag size, well I have a large handbag lol.
So I can take it when I crafty shop.

I decided to make my own so for the first time I used Coptic Stitch to bind signatures together.

Oh boy have started and I think it will take a loooot longer than I thought.

So off on another project, ran out of the backing papers for the G45 Time to Flourish so tapping foot until it arrives sheesh I should have realised the 6x6 is limited so next time get two, well for this I wanted no needed more lol.  Will post when I have it finished.

So off to fill my Inventory Book toodles for now.
Wish me luck folks I am diving into my craft room!!!!!!!

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