Monday, 11 February 2013

bright idea er dont think so

oh boy, decided to reorganise my craft room!!!!!!!!
ok what idiot suggested that one - oh wait - that was me doh -looks like it is going to take all week to sort it - one of these days I will think - leave it be lol.  Ok heading off to the crafting dimension - see you some time this year, hi ho hi ho is off to hmmmmmmm better not said lol.  Ok who hid the chocolate, need sustenance.


  1. I find when I sort that I go off in tangents. "Did not know I had this" or "This will go great with--okay where is it?"
    Do not get too frustrated!!! Hugs May xox

    1. am getting that feeling already lol, so will have some chocs and put it in a box for ater, found two melting pots so guess what class dea coming up.

  2. I just organized my space (sort of) and then did two projects at once (doesn't everyone) and now it's a mess again. Oh to be like Kathryn who puts everything away as she goes. I think I just don't have that gene. Love seeing your chat on the shows. I've been having trouble with mine so I just watch.

  3. Greetings MAM--good luck on your reorganizing. It was a painful process, for me and I am not done. To much stuff and not enough room here but I love my working area and spend tons of time here. So good talking with you on ustream. Take care