Sunday, 8 January 2012

Miniature Pinchers

Some of you asked to see pics of my Mum's two dogs aka the muppets so here they are
in the bed is Red (no pun intended lol) and the one standing is Geri with a plaintiff look on her face to saya he's in my bed.

Now their bed is next to a radiator cause these dogs love heat, but geri had a habit of pulling the inside of the bed out and dragging it to the fire (it is hilarious to watch as every few seconds she looks around to see if anyone is watching [three humans and she doesnt clock we are watching] it is soooo funny.

both dogs love a cuddle but red tends to lie on your chest and stick his nose under your armpit - go figure with dogs lol, madam here is trying to get up onto mum's lap and also wants cuddles, could you refuse that face!!
Red is already on mum's lap but Geri wants up too.

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