Sunday, 29 April 2012

Loadsa Glue

Whilst coughing and spluttering with horrid cold and wheezy chest made a lovely mini room divider (well thats what I call it anyway lol), Kathryn's brayer matched mine when it came to glueing lol.

I am not the greatest photographer so please forgive me.

Also made a tea box (sorry Kathryn not yours this one made out of cardstock), will be trying Kathryn's though for a tougher beating in my kitchen or perhaps my distress markers hmmmmm
oops rosette needs to be centred more.


  1. The co;ours in your mini divider are so lovely and fresh. Also like your tea box which looks to be just the right size. Hugs May xox

  2. ooooo....luv the colors in your room divider...very pretty....

  3. Margaret-Ann dear, I have to ask you how you found my blog....I didn't tell anyone but solucky, so I was very surprised when I read your comment.....