Saturday, 8 March 2014

Stick Pins

I was asked how do I make my stick pins well, I watch Fiona Jennings, (Jennings644 on utube) she is a funny creative lady.  Here are how I make some of mine.

perl headed stick.  I used daisy spacers for this stickpin.

to keep beads and caps from coming off a small dab of glue (I use hot glue) and push the spacer up

I used a bead cap for the top of this one on a crystal stickpin.  Small daisy cap and a rondelle

I tend to glue the bead cap to the top of the stickpin irrespective of what kind I am using

glue bottom spacer (small daisy in this case)

the bead cap for the top of the stick pin is two bead caps glued to a rondelle

again glue it to stickpin

love the angel wings spacer

finished article this time didnt finish with a spacer felt it was too much for the stick pin
You can omit the spacers but I feel it gives a lovely finish to your stick pins (Fiona agrees as well lol)

If you want you can use glossy accents to glue the pieces together, you need to hand them upside down to dry if you do

I use the side of my paper holder for this, I glued a piece of foam to the side to let me put my pins in it, saves me losing the beggers.

Now I have a lovely box to make them and store them.


  1. Beautiful pins Margaret Ann! : ) You've been doing a lot of gorgeous things here. I haven't been on blogger for a while or I would have noticed before. Very nice.

  2. Lovely pins Margaret Ann. That reminds me of some pins I made months ago and never used, Have to go get them out. :)

  3. Loved the way you have laid them out MA, easy for a beginner like me to want to have a try at making stick pins. Like your picture presentation. Great

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