Sunday, 9 March 2014

Playing with gilding flakes

Have not played with my gilding flakes for some time so thought it was about time I did some lol.

Pics first then some tips I found to be useful.

Used a Stencil for this one, applied flitter glue and then the gilding flakes

Acetate and double sided sheet and applied gilding flakes.  Then stamped the reverse with stazon.   Background is sprayed with my new fav Lindy's Stamp Gang Steampunk Soiree.

Stamped with flitter glue and applied gilding flakes
love the punches look, hmmm matting and layering here I come lol

Wooden pieces covered with flitter glue and then gilding flakes
Douoble sided tape and then applied gilding flakes.  The top two I put through with an embossing folder, love the effect.

1.  When applying the gilding flakes cover your hands with talcum powder or cornflour (cornstarch) stops the flakes from adhering to your fingers

2.  Soap and water is the usual method to clean off the glue from stamps, stencils, work station lol, for stubborn spots especially on stencils/masks I use surgical spirit (rubbing alcohol).  If using on your stamps give them a wee coat of glycerin as the surgical spirit will dry them out and can crack them over time, I dont have any problems if I use a wee drop of glycerin on a baby wipe and apply to stamps.

3.  I use a non scratch scourer for my kitchen dishes/pots to get the excess off, it is far cheaper than the scootchie they want to sell.

4.  I use an A4 plastic top for applying and catching the flakes.  Don't put them back in the pot with ther new stuff as it is grittier.  I have a wee container that I put them in and it gives an interesting mix for another time.

5.  I should have said this first, er when you take flakes out they dont go back into the pot (trust me on that one lol) the air has got to them lol so I put half of the flakes into a plastic take out container.

Ok the Queen of gilders paste is off to see what else I can gild either with paste or flakes.  Have fun crafting.

oops forgot the completed cards, I must say I love the Stampendous Steampunk Boot lol. Made several of them using Yorkshire Dales gilding flakes, the other I cannot remember as it was in my decant box and the label has fallen off :(


  1. Thank you for the great info. You make it sound so easy :)
    Love the heel on acetate.... gives me an idea for making ornaments.

  2. Love these. The key and lock look aged! The punched borders are awesome too! Great job, Margaret Ann! I love it all actually! Thanks for the wonderful information!!!

  3. Love your work with gildin flakes. don't have it, but in the future I'll have,,who knows? :)

  4. Great tips! Cool stuff. I love the steampunk boot too!