Saturday, 4 June 2016

New starts

Well life certainly has its ups and downs, so a new start is needed.  I got more into beading when looking after my Mum as it was the only thing I could do at her home.  Enjoying it very much, think I have found my craft lol.

Made a bracelet of pearls, fire polish beads and 15/0s sheesh those 15/0s are small!!!

Then made another bracelet, (design by Gina's creations) tweaked the design as I didnt like the frou frou she put around it.   Loved it so much I made a necklace, again tweaked it to omit the frou frou and made a more delicate chain part.

Found a brilliant beading tutor on Youtube (gotta love youtube) Jill Wiseman.  Made one of her designs (Daydreamer Rope) which initially started out, you guessed it, as a bracelet.  I love doing it so much I made it into a necklace.  Now need to do a bracelet, want to make it in light colours for summer.

Enjoying  working out the different patterns and stitches.  Doing Jill Wiseman's Bedazzled Bracelet.
First panel of Peyote no problems but the second panel I think it wanted to make me demented - I WON in the end.  Will put photo up when I have finished it

Glad to be back creating.  Have missed it.


  1. Hello Margaret Ann!!! how lovely to see your blog post show up on my email.
    The your beading is gorgeous!! so thrill you found your craft I'll go look up your youtube find and see if she can help me make Beautiful Jewerly like yours!!

  2. Jill is a fab tutor she makes it easy, she does ramble at the beginning mind you lolo