Saturday, 2 August 2014

Bead-O-Rama by Margaret Ann Moffat

I loooove embellishments of any description and I had so many bits of paper left over from projects, too big to throw away but what to do, what to do – oooooh make beads of course.

Paper beads started in the Victorian ladies households, where to pass the time they rolled bits of wallpaper, newspaper whatever they could find into beads often making room dividers with them.

Well I don’t need a room divider but I do adore beads in all their forms soooooo a crafting we will go and make some beads. There are loads of tutorials on these, this is just my wee example of some of them and what I then use to decorate them to brighten them up/make em fancy whatever yer wee heart and creative mind takes you.

Here are some types of beads you can make, there are a lot of them about so start easy and then play about.  I made templates from lightweight chipboard and keep that handy to be able to use up my scraps more prudently.
The longer the length the fatter the bead.  The More layers you use the fatter the bead.

Rectangle bead which you can stamp, colour, emboss, wrap things around, make as a dangle soooo many things to do with this one.  Any width and length.  This is such a versatile bead so many ways to use them.

Beadcaps, pearl strings and a dangle makes this a lovely embellishment for cards, mini albums, love the spine to have these.  You can make a wee note or put a letter on the bottom piece.

P6160074  wire wrapped rectangle bead

P6160073  Ribbon rolled up makes a lovely embellishment

P6160076  beads, bead caps and wire looped at end

Eclipse style bead

Top bead unadorned, bead on left paper was edged with a gold marker pen, the one on the right edged with a silver marker pen to add something different to the bead

Ornament for card, Christmas Tree

used as a drop embellishment on this tag

wire wrapped

Cone bead on the left is one layer and on the right two layers
Cone bead used as feet for matchbox set of drawers for my beads

Cone bead used to make an angel with beads, rondelle, wings bead, wire looped at top

Bicone cut
Bicone cut used to make a dangle on spine of mini album

I love making these Leandra Beads, regrettably I have used all mine up so had to borrow a picture from Paperartsy
will get some UTEE and make some to show you (I ran out doh)

Pencil cut, I edge the end pieces with gold marker pen

All that remains is to let your imagination and creativity take flight, if you like it then its lovely dont listen to others criticise its your work run with it.

Tutorial on how to make these beads can be found at

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