Monday, 21 July 2014

Upsy Downsy

Get the hankies and the tena lady/depends out you gonna need em lol.

Ok, my head was definitely not full of brains when I did this mini album.
Wanted to do Gwen's lovely album using a cracker box, so not able to get that size got me a cereal box about that size and chopped it up a la Gwen to make covers for my mini album - ok that went well.

Managed to find my last packet of paper bags (need to hop to scrapadabadoo for more) and hauled out 6 of them.  No problems.

Decided to make the accordian binding - ok so far so good.

Covered the album covers, the inside covers I didnt manage to meet in the middle, but thought the binding is going there so could do some tinkering lol.

Made a lovely wee cover for the spine using Martha Stewart punch for edges (scalloped teardrop)  - this is the start of the upsy downsy bits, attached the accordian binding to covers - sheesh attached it to  what I wanted for the front so needed to work out something the the spine - I know some lace cover up done yay.,

Cut the paper bags (now remember I only had 10 of the wee blighters so trying not to make mistakes) - no problems there or so I thought, more of that later.

Now to the major shenanigans, thought hows about doing a flip album, so put the directional paper on that way - fiddlesticks and bubblegum - I cannot do that all the tags will fall out grrrrrrrrrrr.

Ok notwithstanding, decided to carry on - well after all that work I might as well.

Attached the paper bags to the binding - er 6 wasnt it - then why do I have 8 fins aaaaaaaaargh.  Ok off the make another two bags.   Coffee and biccie later, calmed down, so attached these.  So far with me lol.

Now the tags, oh no, cut the paper bags too long cannot do ribbons on the tags and I really wanted that.  So had to do without - mumble grumble

Ok decorations - now trying not to put things on upsy downsy with these.
Oh no just saw that I attached the accordian binding a little too much to the top.  Here we go loopy loo again.

Ok some pics with the upsy downsy bits.
 I used K and Co Brenda Walton Celeste, had it for ages loving it so decided to use it here.

My cover, fussy cut the flower, upsy downsy bit - scissors slipped and I cut some of the leaves off accidentally ok I know I should not have lifted the scissors lol.

Made a lovely element, then saw I made some errors in it, so decided in the ethos of upsy downsy, used it, with some of the lace used on the spine along with Hero Art Blooming Flower die.  Was going to heat emboss it, but guess what, my embossing box went a walkies.  As for my heat gun - baaaaad gremlins.  Maybe I should have stopped here, but no, I decided I was gonna finish this sucker if it took aaaaaaaaaall night.

Ok, note to self - dont watch Kevin Sorbo in a film when doing wire wrapping lol.  (That man has muscles grins).

Ok, using another new die from my scrapa haul, the Prima 1 Eyelet Scallop Die, was supposed to use this as a wee pocket type thing to put a tag behind.  Ok upsy downsy again - stuck the whole blasted thing down.

I think you are getting the picture here, comedy of errors or what.

Cut out the saying, mounted it on chipboard - upsy downsy again - had stuck it to the back page, was meant for the front, of course but when I put the accordian binding on it went caddywompus lol.  So pulled it off and used it here.  Thrifty soul or not wanting to use the craft knife just now - take your pick.

Whoop whoop this went fine, at long last something went right - I think rofl.
Used the La La Land die and was going to put some spellbinders cherry blossom flowers on it - decided to do it later dont think I want to get my fingers caught in the big shot, well the way I am going that is a strong possibility hee hee.

 and other good un, well until I put the cherries on the right way - sorted!

Ok back page, had to do something to cover up the mess I made from taking out the chipboard element - aaaah a pocket, ooh and a double folded matt.
Ok cut the paper, measured twice.  Distracted by pigeon trying to get into window - gave me such a fright - ok, well I think you know what is going to happen next dont you lol.  Picked up the cardstock scored it at the point I measured - of course I didnt check again did I - folded it oh no - so decided, whatever,  and used it as a different foldover matt.

By this point decided to leave the spine well alone and used the lace and diamante with no other embellishment :)

The other pages were fine, at least as fine as it could be being an upsy downsy album

Ok, now fess up, who has done these things, or similar.  Would love to hear your stories.


  1. it turned out lovely MA. I don't see any boo-boos so not sure what you see...but it is very pretty.

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  3. Margaret are soooo looks great to me, I think you did a great job...don't be so hard on yourself...I love it, thanks for posting...

    1. it was soooo funny when I was doing it, but stubborn me kept on going lol turned out fine :)

  4. looks awesome MA....not sure what you see either.

  5. It was the journey to get there that was a hoot

  6. It turned out great...the laughs along the way are a bonus!

  7. I think it turned out fabulous Margaret Ann.....great story teller too!

  8. LOL...luv glad I'm not the only one that "trys" to cover up a oopsy...and luv your play by play tutorial..but it turned out great in the end..