Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Scrapadabadoo DT - Use Your statsh 2


Well it can by anything really lol.  Ok Blondie here loses things on her desk - hmm no secrets there.  So needed something to corral the little peskie beggers likes of pens, pencils a few tools.  So decided to make a holder, now having gotten my wee handies on some Canning Jar diecuts and played with them, oooh loved it so went and bought the Sizzix Canning Jar die as well.  Looooove it.  Barrie and Carol you rock you get in amazing products.

Okies Pen Pot you say, get on with it - lol - okay its an easy one, the bairns can play with this one, fill it sweets, pencils whatever your wee heart desires lol.

Scrap paper was used but the bairns can used plain cardstock and they can write, draw, stamp whatever on it.

The back of the holder is a pocket and I used the smaller jar from the Sizzix Canning Jar Die
as the notes.

Made a wee pattern for this, have fun.

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