Sunday, 2 February 2014

I am now a quilter lol

My very first quilt - hand quilted no less.  I was the only one hand quilting - seems to be a dying art most are using machines.

Patricia MacInroe did a beginners class in my church with 9 other lovely ladies.


  1. I tried quilting and I was not very good at it. It requires precise measurements which I could not do. Great Job

  2. I love hand sewing as well as machine, it looks fabulous!
    Hugz, Z

    1. I dont have a machine I can cart about, it is an old fashioned singer transformed to electric lol. It was so funny she would say machine tension, then look at me and say you dont have that problem Margaret Ann, and when she said they would have to hand sew for tacking you should have seen their faces

  3. Wow, Margaret Ann, it looks great. I have made couple of little (easy) quilts but never tried anything that large. Looks like you had fun and have a new hobby.