Sunday, 30 June 2013

6 pack mini Album

Ooooh I do love Laura Dennison's creations, here is my humble (er I think not lol) take on her pattern.  Now gotta go and do the box to store them in.  Love this mini album want to make more of them.

Warning: for some strange, weird reason a couple of the pics are upside down, when I checked on my computer they are the right way up - honest I didn't do it!!!

Cardstock Pool Party (my fav as if you hadnt guessed by now lol) and Epic Day DSP.
Butterfly punches med and small.  Scallop edge chomper.

 Inside mini has right and left flaps which open for more space

Right flap opened

Inside of right flap opened fully  (picture upside down but you get the idea lol or stand on your head again!!!)
 Centre of Mini has flaps which are top loaded flaps

 Left hand side opened (upside down of course)

 Left hand side opened fully (upside down again)

If anyone can help please let me know they are right way up on my computer but when loading them some of them go upside down.


  1. *stand on head* It looks just gorgeous even uoside down!!!
    Great work Margaret Ann :)
    *starts working on her projects trying to catch up with MA :P

  2. Ringo did it !!!! He followed you to your blog. Great Job Margaret Ann

  3. well ringo is gonna get panned if he comes round again lol

  4. Looks fabulous, Margaret Ann! I just bought her fairy house and can't wait to get it.
    Hugz, Z

  5. they look right side up to me! :D
    album is wonderful, i must try make some for myself! its great as a small gift or "card on steroids" LOL
    gonna go try it out right away!