Friday, 21 September 2012

Steel Die Storage

Hi folks
was asked how I stored my steel dies, and after several attempts at it have come up with something lol.

I use a magnetic sheet which is magnetic on one side only the other side I initially stuck to cardstock with the information on other side of cardstock, then I stuck them only on magnetic sheet, then went back to sticking magnetic sheet onto info that comes with dies.  Made it easier than doing both sides of magnet.

 I then store them in strong polypockets, I take off the clip part to enable more to get into my drawer.






  1. Very nice! Now you need to create a storage
    Hugz, Z

  2. Looks like you are truly getting organized. Amazing how heavy they can be. This will be one of my winter to- do projects. Hugs May xxx

  3. Great storage idea. I love those poly bags. Thanks for the great blog comment.
    Jani aka papercompulsions