Friday, 9 December 2011

Cutting equipment

OK here is the start of what does a crafter need and the first thing is cutting equipment.

There are some rules to follow:
(I may be telling folks what they know but several youngsters have asked for basic crafting info so please bear with me)

a) no blood allowed
b) when dealing with scissors point away and down is the best rule.
c) no walking or running whilst holding scissors with fingers in handles - ask me why I know that
    hmmmm - it is so easy to trip and stab yourself
d) when passing scissors to others pass with the handle to the person
e) store them safely when not in use even if you are working with them, close the scissors and put them
    in a box even when working with them - that means you can find them again
f) not to be used to pry things open

 OK what have I got that I needed:

1) small pair for cutting small areas out
2) paper scissors
3) ribbon scissors (I have found that my paper scissors after a while dont really cut ribbon cleanly)
4) general purpose scissors for cutting wire, card etc
4) craft knife and metal ruler - good for cutting things like chipboard and does not blunt your scissors
  under 16 get adult to supervise or even better get adult to do it for you

Be aware whilst Tim Holtz scissors are fab they have a tiny serrated edge to them and can leave this edge on the paper fine if you want that.

When I cut I turn the paper not the scissors to get a neat finish.
Also a good cutting machine. 
I use fiskars but there are loads on the market find one that suits how you work,  for me I love them as I cannot cut a straight line save myself and also if I need to cut several the same size it is excellent.  Get one that can take 12 x 12 paper length.

Some cutting machines also have scoring tools to put into them worth it to save you initially having to buy a scoring board.

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  1. All your info is great for newbies. Sometimes we forget how bewildering it can all be. Hold on to your head as I see you still have gale force winds.