Thursday, 2 June 2011

Back from darkest wherever

havent blog for some time some personal issues occured, but now back in the land of light.
I made some gifts for my friend Jen and her Mum. I made little treasure chests from matchbox style boxes and put two together, with small compressed balls of paper for the feet.

I just adore the seam binding, cannot get enough of it.  Hope they continue it in September but looking at the USA retirment list ho hum.

Susan's box, used a square bead for the knobs to pull the drawers open. 

Jen's box I made a little different with an easel top to it.

I coloured the paper daisy flowers, the middle, although it does not look like it is concord crush.  (Note to self - WEAR GLOVES, the ink goes everywhere when you try to colour a white flower lol)
Added some bling in the centre and pearls around the edges, just adore those pearls.

I used an acetate for the inside where she can put a photo of her choice.

Inside I put a little mini and a topper.

The mini I used seam binding (of course) to close it.

sorry about the focus, need my eyes tested lol.

For the topper I used the top note die, the brackets came from the left over when I squared the card, and then slotted a square card behind, you can remove it to add a sentiment underneath as well as on the card.

thats all fffolks.

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