Sunday, 13 February 2011

Box for hankies or chocs or whatever

Decided to see if I could do some crafting, sore but managed it.Made a box for hankies for someone who is ill.

the little notelet has the verse [dont know the author sorry]

I saw a little butterfly,
she danced along my lane. 
As she passed me by
she fluttered out your name,
she said you must not worry,
she’s giving you peace of mind. 
As she left she softly spoke
and as I watched her fly away
a feather floated down.
For a dove had landed on a tree,
and then glided to the ground. 
He said he brings you a message,
from Angels up above,
he sings a little whistle
to fill your heart with love. 
He wanted me to remind you,
of his precious little song.

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